517 Archibald Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2J 0X1

Robert and Andre Fontaine of Fontaine Electric WinnipegThe Legacy Lives On! Pictured from left, the late Robert Fontaine with son, Andre Fontaine.With more than a century of experience, Fontaine Electric, of Winnipeg, is a leading provider of turn-key life and safety systems. A fourth generation family business, Fontaine Electric is highly regarded for its professional approach, superior workmanship and dedication to its customers.

From its early beginning as an electrical appliance store, Fontaine Electric grew into a full service electrical contracting company, and today is known for its ability to produce and install complex electrical systems to meet its clients needs.

Fontaine has become the go-to supplier in Manitoba for completely integrated electrical communication systems, such as, fire and burglar alarms, surveillance systems, carded access entries, intercoms, public address systems and other related needs.

Through understanding and patience, we have developed long standing relationships with Manitoba schools and hospitals, along with our commercial and industrial customers, many of whom we have served for decades.       
In addition, Fontaine's sister company, XL Alarms provides comprehensive 24/7 monitoring for the systems we install.

Tip Of The Month

Three to four times per year video cameras and recording equipment should be serviced by a qualified professional to ensure they are operating properly, according to manufacturers’ specifications. Any issues or concerns regarding the performance of such equipment should be followed up immediately with corrective measures.


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