517 Archibald Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2J 0X1

Fontaine Electric, a locally owned and operated electrical contracting company, has been serving the needs of its clients for more than a century. Committed to providing comprehensive protection systems that reduce risks and enhance safety.

Our systems include:

  • ULC Listed Fire Alarm installations, commercial
  • ULC Listed Burglar Alarm installation, commercial
  • Commercial Burglar, Theft protection
  • Access control systems,  card access, proximity, biometric and others
  • Closed Circuit Television systems
  • Automation systems
  • Communication systems
  • Complete Electrical system contractor including any power or system requirement
  • Specialized low voltage control system

Fontaine Electrical systems are custom designed, fabricated and installed in a wide range of facilities, including schools, hospitals, airports, correctional facilities, condominium complexes and government buildings, along with commercial, industrial and retail facilities.

Fontaine's sister company, XL Alarms, provides comprehensive ULC listed monitoring for the systems we install.

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Tip Of The Month

Three to four times per year video cameras and recording equipment should be serviced by a qualified professional to ensure they are operating properly, according to manufacturers’ specifications. Any issues or concerns regarding the performance of such equipment should be followed up immediately with corrective measures.


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